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Laptab Pillow Is Awesome

Wow, Cool, Smart, Comfortable, So Useful, I Need It... this is what people say, when they see and try the Laptab Pillow, and they are right! Laptab Pillow is truly AMAZING.

4 Reasons Why Laptab Pillow Is So Awesome

Laptop is elevated into a ergonomically correct position. While Laptab Pillows smart "ventilation tunnel" prevents the laptop getting overheated. You cant feel any heat from the laptop at all.
Laptab Pillow is soft and feels comfortable on your lap, yet it`s firm enough to carry the weight of the laptop easily. Just lay on your bed or sofa and relax. With Laptab Pillow, working and surfing on the net has never felt this good!
Laptab Pillow fits with all Laptop PC and Tablet PC brands, models and sizes.
Laptab Pillow is available in 9 colors.


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"I didn't want to slouch and to be tied up onto a office desk and chair all day and all night long. I wanted to be free, feel comfortable and be productive while working anywhere. That`s why i invented the Laptab Pillow."

"It`s a genius design. Using my laptop on the bed and on the sofa, is now very comfortable."
PingPing, Shenzhen - China.

"More testimonials coming soon..."

"More testimonials coming soon..."


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